Why We Exist

A Letter From The Founder.

We're all someone's customer. Even as children we patronized the services of our parents and teachers even if the currency we paid with was hugs & kisses for mom and dad and the occasional apple for the teacher; or in my case maybe just being quiet so she could teach. As adults the landscape for those who served us (and those we served) became broader and wider. The reality is that in every relationship, be it commerce, family, or friendships our lives are about serving and being served and the feedback in words, actions, or money helps us to grow better and who we are and what we do if we listen to it.

In today's marketplace things have truly become more efficient and the number of options for acquiring knowledge to help us make better deals is overwhelming. Most businesses will help you to get a better deal, and if they don't, finding what we need is often just a few clicks away. The tragedy is that while technology has become more pervasive and useful, the quality of human interaction has slipped. The days of true customer service are fading and it is becoming a lost art.

I chose to find a way to marry technology and customer service into a CEM model that would help bridge the gap to that lost art and help business owners compete in a marketplace that has so much competition that customer loyalty is no longer a given. This business grew from my own personal experiences and dissatisfaction with my experiences as a customer. I may have had access to more things, more knowledge, and more products at better prices but something was missing. Large chains like McDonald's and Walgreens and Home Depot all had implemented incentivized programs to address the disparity between "customers served" and "customer service". These businesses and many like them have programs that provide some feedback but they are implemented poorly and I found that out by many experiences where those programs failed to make me feel heard. How Did We Serve You?, Inc. was born out of my own frustration and offers a program that far and away exceeds anything on the market.

What gave birth to this program?

It was my own dissatisfaction with similar, but lesser, programs that gave rise to How Did We Serve You?, Inc. There are many very large companies that provide incentivized feedback programs for themselves such as McDonald's, Home Depot, Dunkin' Donuts, Walgreen's, Outback Steakhouse, etc. No doubt you have seen a blurb on the bottom of their receipts and from other large companies asking for your feedback in exchange for something for free, a discount, or a chance to win something. This was a great idea, but every one of them makes critical errors in how they provide the service.

I believe in customer service and feedback to grow a business and improve it, and I frequently provided mine through these services; sometimes good sometimes not so good. What I noticed was that while I got whatever reward I was supposed to get, nobody ever addressed my issues, contacted me, or seemed to really care. It's one thing to have a great idea or platform, but if it's improperly presented it becomes of little value.

What I also found was that only really big companies had these programs because they are very expensive to implement for the first location but if you have 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 locations it becomes less expensive. That leaves out the small to mid-sized businesses that probably actually care about their individual customers more than the big guys but can't afford the ineffective tool the big guys are using let alone a better one.

How Did We Serve You?, Inc. has solved that problem by designing a program that is affordable for any sized business and substantially better than the big guys are using. Maybe one day they will be using us too!